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The new entry into the HELIX world! The amplifiers of the Helix D-series are solely modest with respect to pricing. Everything else is thoroughly pure HELIX quality without any compromises. Loads of power, excellent measurement data and a whole bunch of features ensure a pristine and crispy sound experience! Absolutely nothing has been missed for powerful bass reproduction – the active crossover with subsonic filter, the lowpass filter, phase control and bass boost are equally as self-evident as the intelligent highlevel input that incorporates Audiotec Fischer´s proprietary ADEP circuit. Not to mention the cable remote control for volume that is included in delivery. Thanks to its 1-Ohm stability the D ONE is every else but choosy when selecting an appropriate subwoofer. If you still think that the power output isn′t sufficient, then simply combine two devices to one single powerhouse – the master/slave option makes it possible. The elegant design not only states right from the beginning the amp′s heritage but also allows an easy integration into your car thanks to its compact dimensions. Get your car ″bass-tuned″ and simply have fun!

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1-channel subwoofer amplifier with integratedactive crossover and 1 Ohm stability (Class D)

1 x 200 / 400 Watts @ 4 Ohms

1 x 340 / 680 Watts @ 2 Ohms

1 x 530 / 1060 Watts @ 1 Ohms

Inputs: 2 xRCA, 2 x Smart highlevel input with ADEP circuit (Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection) and Auto Turn-On function

Fully active crossover with subsonic, lowpass, bass boost and phase,Master / Slave Mode for connecting two amplifiers in bridged mode Cable remote control for volume adjustment included

Dimension: 53 x 260 x 230 mm / 2.09 x 10,24 x 9,06 inch

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