Ground Zero GZRW 38-D2
Ground Zero GZRW 38-D2

Ground Zero GZRW 38-D2


Ground Zero GZRW 38-D2 is a revamped model of Ground Zero GZRW 15 The HighRoll upper suspension allows for a greater cone linear motion. All elements of the Radioactive range are all optimized by Klippel Design. Affordable price and outstanding performance. The casting body is replaced by a pressed steel sheeting body, which has been very well rigidized by properly designed pops. The frame is also open to the sheet metal, so it does not block the air flow behind the element. The money saved in chassis manufacturing may have been earmarked for a more powerful engine. The element features a 3 ″ speech coil wound with copper wire and sturdy double magnets.

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  • 15″ high quality subwoofer
  • Klippel® optimized
  • Reinforced paper cone
  • Long stroke compound surround
  • Resonance free steel basket
  • 75 mm / 3″ copper voice coil
  • Polycot spider
  • IMPP dust cap with 3D structure logo

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