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For years, the BRAX MATRIX speaker series has been synonymous for unrivaled sound and quality characteristics. With this in mind, the focus of the further development of the 2.1” / 54 mm midrange speakers had to be built on state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated materials to meet the requirements of the BRAX brand – pure and precise sound reproduction.

The novel, ultra lightweight and fine-meshed silk dome with a visco-elastic Acronal coating on both sides guarantees brilliant and smooth treble response. In addition, integrating pure lamb’s wool and dampened coupling volume enables a very low resonance frequency and allows a deep acoustic coupling.

In terms of design and technology, the BRAX philosophy is continued without exception:

The gentle, precious appearance reveals a number of smart details, the two-part CNC machined stainless steel housing for maximum heat dissipation. The ultra-precise machined, 10 times ventilated neodymium magnet will generate the highest magnetic flux linearity, the integrated 24-carat gold plated terminals for maximum conductivity. The threaded body with its solid mounting ring on the rear section of the housing provide the perfect method for securing the speaker with uniform pressure without the need for complex, unsightly fastening fixtures. Add to this the sturdy protection grille for the dome and you have a tweeter like no other.

In order to meet our high quality requirements and to reach perfect tonal interaction each speaker set is hand-selected and paired according to its acoustic parameters. Only after selection, every speaker set receives its unique serial number which is recorded to a service database. The exclusive wooden box packaging completes this high-end product and emphasizes once again the philosophy of BRAX.

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2″ silk dome midrange

Power RMS / max. P 120 / 170 Watts

(highpass 750 Hz at 12 dB/Oct.)

Impedance Z 4 Ω

DC resistance Re 3.4 Ω

Resonance frequency Fs 520 Hz

Efficiency 1 W / 1 m SPL 91 dB

Voice coil diameter ø 54 mm / 2.13″

Cone area Sd 22.9 cm²

Moving mass Mms 1.57 g

Cone material Silk dome with a visco-elastic Acronal coating on both sides

Outer diameter ø 85 mm / 3.4″

Installation diameter ø 78 mm / 3.1″

Installation depth 25 mm / 1.0″

Recommended crossover frequencies for the highpass

Slope / Minimum crossover frequency Minimum crossover frequency

6 dB/Octave 1,250 Hz

12 dB/Octave 750 Hz

24 dB/Octave 650 Hz

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